I went to New York City last summer for the first time. It is an incredible place with so many things to do. I had just got there and I felt like I had to rush to see everything. We were walking through central park in a hurry to see an exhibit. We came across the beautiful sound of an oversized instrument being played by a man under a tunnel-like bridge. The shape of the bridge gave the music a pleasant acoustic sound that bellowed through the park. I quickly took a picture, threw him a couple dollars, and rushed on my way. On our flight back I thought about our trip and I regretted not slowing down. I wished I had of sat on the conveniently located park bench next to the musician, and listened to his tunes for awhile.

About a month after our trip, I started painting the man, with oils on canvas by looking at the picture which I had taken the day in central park. With my school life bombarding me I put the painting on hold. One of these days I will learn to walk slowly.
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